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4 Essential Tables for a Multispeciality Hospital

Essential Tables for a Multispeciality Hospital

A bed, overbed table, side stool, couch, and other pieces of furniture are required for a patients’ comfort. However, practitioners need furniture to conduct patient examinations, perform medical treatments, and so forth.

Here, we will see essential tables required for a multispeciality hospital.

Two-Section Examination Table

In addition to the plain examination table, this one has a headrest for patients’ comfort. As we are the examination table manufacturer in India, we cover these features in manufacturing.

  • A CRCA heavy-duty tubular framework
  • Legs of bed fitted with heavy-duty floor-protecting non-slippery PVC shoes
  • A CRCA sheet top in two sections
  • A manually adjustable headrest

Gynaec Examination Table

Proper examination room arrangements are a must for any gynaec facility that may examine obstetrics, gynaecology, or urology. The gynaecology examination table with the right features makes patients’ visits effective and comfortable.

These features are essential for the gynae examination table.

  • A tubular frame with PVC soles
  • A headrest that is both supportive and adaptable
  • A leg-rest that consists of a pair of rods with a belt
  • A machine-pressed double-bent CRCA sheet
  • A rexine upholstery for easy sanitization

Overbed Table

Hospitalized patients are most likely to have their meals while sitting in their hospital beds. Patients may not be able to manage bed-dining tables for their health condition. Hence, investing in overbed tables becomes essential for patient rooms.

Overbed tables are grounded on the floor and stretched over a patients’ lap to have meals without trouble. Usually, these tables are height adjustable and transportable, making them suitable for various medical settings.

Bedside Table

Often, a hospital bedside table has a locker that allows patients to store small items such as their phone, wallet, and other personal items. These are some applications of bedside tables.

  • A bowl, tablets, and a glass of water may be required at all times by patients.
  • Doctors visit patients for check-ups regularly. During the process, they may need to keep equipment on the table.
  • Patients put eatables such as fruits and juices close by to get them whenever they need them.

Moreover, being the hospital bedside table manufacturer in India, we understand these applications and produce durable tables.

In final words, suitable tables are required for patients’ effective examination and comfort.

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