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Can Electric Beds be used as ICU Beds?

Can Electric Beds be used as ICU Beds?

Whether you own a clinic or manage hospital supply, hospital beds are intrinsic elements that need to be considered with utmost importance for every medical facility; patient care is the ultimate goal.

Talking of patient care, individual patients require care distinctively. Some patients with critical health conditions may require special attention and are taken care of in an intensive care unit.

An Intensive Care Unit is commonly referred to as an ICU. They are specialized hospital wards that treat and monitor critically ill patients. To be admitted to ICU, you will require a referral from your qualified physician unless it is an emergency hospitalization. These units are manned by trained healthcare personnel and have cutting-edge monitoring technology and furniture. Critical care units (CCUs) and intensive therapy units are other names for ICUs (ITUs).

A significant part of ICU ward furniture is an ICU bed. ICU beds have a fundamental range of capabilities; thereby, specialist ICU beds for specific patient categories have been established. Electric controls, side rails, wheels, and a brake, a detachable headrest to enable procedure, and IV pole mounts are all essential features of an ICU bed. As a leading electric bed manufacturer, ICU beds at PMT Healthcare are superiorly advanced.

However, it is often believed that any electric bed is good enough for an ICU unit. It’s absolutely incorrect. Electric beds have only one striking feature that is electric controls, to adjust the positioning of the bed, whereas an ICU bed is designed to facilitate various care needs and procedures.

Let us look into the different features of fully functional and advanced electric and ICU beds:

Features Electric beds ICU beds
Backrest and Kneerest 00 to 730 &  00 to 340 00 to 730 &  00 to 340
Trendelenburg and Anti-trendelenburg  ±140  ±140
Height adjustment 460mm to 800mm 460mm to 800mm
Removal head & foot panels No Yes
Side railings No Yes
Telescopic IV stand No Yes

To conclude, ICU beds provide superior functionality and comfort compared to a basic ICU bed. It is important to not compromise on the quality and purchase your inventory from the best electric ICU bed manufacturer like us!

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