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How are ICU Beds Different from Regular Hospital Beds?

ICU Beds Different from Regular Hospital Beds

Not many people would be aware of the fact that beds used within the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are different from other hospital beds. For one thing, ICU beds come with a CPR Release feature while normal hospital beds offer no such feature. Contact any of the ICU Bed manufacturer in India these people would be able to take you through the various differences between a normal hospital bed and a specialized bed kept within the confines of the Intensive Care Unit.

Hospital furniture exporters are well aware of the differences between a normal hospital bed and a bed lying in the ICU. Here are a few major differences between the two:

ICU Beds are Adjustable While Normal Beds are Not

First thing’s first: ICU beds are highly adjustable as far as length, trendelenburg position, and height are concerned. Moreover, the top of an ICU bed should be made of materials that are radio translucent. Such materials would help immensely when an X-Ray procedure needs to be conducted. Also, these are easily cleanable and are made of materials that can bear the impact of UV radiation. Several ICU bed manufacturers in India are aware of these prerequisites.

Bed Frame Extensions are Possible

There is always liberty to adjust bed frame extensions whilst using specialized ICU beds. Also, you can opt for lower bed frames in order to supplement the patient’s movement. Also, the pressure on the patient’s shanks and thighs tend to reduce considerably in the presence on a specialized feature, named auto regress. You will get to know of more such features pertaining to adjustment once you approach a reliable ICU bed supplier. There are no such features available in a regular hospital bed.

Headboards and Footboards are Removable in ICU Beds

ICU beds with removable headboards and footboards are immensely helpful in times of emergency. Take this for an example: if prone positioning needs to be performed/conducted, then it would require the medical staff to rotate the patient (face up to face down). Also, removing the headboard tends to free up space behind the patient’s head. Such an arrangement is helpful whilst conducting facial surgeries or the ones dealing with the patient’s head/skull.

The Platform of an ICU Bed can be Flattened

This feature comes in handy while undertaking CPR release. It is a given fact that Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) can be best performed on surfaces that are flat and smooth. That is why ICU beds have platforms that can be flattened out as and when required. A button (or a lever) is provided to flatten the bed.

Contact the best ICU bed manufacturer in India and stack up some of the latest (and long-lasting) beds within the ICU. You need to keep track of the technological changes and modifications that happen to be taking place in the world of logistics pertaining to medical procedures.

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