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Sure Fire Tips to Design a Patient Room

Tips to Design a Patient Room

The patient rooms of your medical facility need to look clean and professional apart from providing optimal comfort to patients and attendants. Your staff’s productivity also increases by a significant margin when you design patient rooms with a proper strategy. Needless to say, that the patient’s room furniture determines the comfort level.

1. Chairs and sofas for attendants

Patient room furniture manufacturers say that the comfort of the patient’s attendant is pretty crucial. They spend long hours at the hospital to take care of their loved ones and hence you should have comfortable guest seating. You can choose to have well-padded armchairs and sofas for their comfort. Not all patient rooms are of the same size; however, you are given plenty of options to choose from by reputed patient room furniture manufacturers.

2. Patient bed

Patients need proper rest and at times even mobility is a big challenge for them. There are different types of beds available in the market and you can pick the type that suits your facility best. A manual crank bed is pretty commonly found in almost every medical facility.

3. Curtains

Privacy is crucial for patients and their care-takers, especially when it is about extended stays in the hospital. You can get medical grade curtains made of high-grade fabrics. Since they are anti-microbial, germs can be prevented from spreading.

4. Over-bed tables

Contemporary over-bed tables are way better than traditional ones and they allow patients to have their meals comfortably. Most of the overhead tables available in the market are easy to adjust and move. They are also economical and versatile which makes them a perfect pick for any hospital.

5. Tranquil artwork

Surprised? You shouldn’t be! Artwork can serve as a mood booster and also enhance the appearance of the patient’s room.

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