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Top 5 Benefits of Manual Crank Bed

Benefits of Manual Crank Bed

Choosing the right bed for patients unable to move is extremely important. The majority of hospitals in India still struggle to have the right hospital furniture and bed is certainly one of them. Not just in a healthcare facility, but having a good hospital bed is necessary for senior citizens being taken care of at home as well.

Proactive and considerate hospitals prefer having manual crank beds as they offer plenty of advantages over traditional hospital beds which are pretty difficult to sleep on. Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons why hospital furniture manufacturer in India advises hospitals to use manual crank beds.

Comfortable and adjustable

These beds offer optimum comfort to patients who are suffering from back problems and find it difficult to change their elevation on their own. It is also beneficial for those having breathing problems. You can easily adjust the head of patients to help them eat, sleep, read, drink and watch TV with utmost ease. It doesn’t cause any sort of discomfort to patients or caretakers.

Adjustable height

Not just the head elevation but you can also change the bed’s height to make it comfortable for both caretakers and patients. There are times when a certain height is appropriate for patients with severe backaches.

Railings for safety purposes

Safety is one of your top priorities for bed-ridden patients as they might accidentally roll and fall off the bed. A manual crank bed is facilitated with foldable side railings that can be adjusted as per your needs and they prevent patients from accidentally falling off in sleep.


Hospital furniture manufacturers in India say that these crank-operated beds come with wheels that solve your mobility concerns. Unlike conventional beds that need much more effort to move patients from one location to the other, manual crank beds are way easier to maneuver. Whether you need to shift the patient from one room to another or need to make space for other furniture such as side tables or wheelchairs, you can use these wheels to move the bed in a jiffy without causing any discomfort to the patient.

Washable mattress

These beds are sold with washable mattresses that are easy to clean, wash and disinfect. ICU bed manufacturers in India say that you need to maintain optimum hygiene and manual crank beds make it easy for you.

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