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Who can Benefit from Electric ICU Bed Functionalities Other than ICU Patients?

Benefit from Electric ICU Bed Functionalities Other than ICU Patients

Electric and semi electric ICU beds have a few or all functions operated through a remote handset. These beds aim to provide comfort to patients and convenience to caretakers in ICU.

However, electric ICU beds can be used for non-ICU patients as well. Here are four situations where these beds are beneficial for non-ICU patients.

Patients Bearing Edema – Swelling Issues

Edema is swelling caused by fluid being trapped in the body’s tissues. It can affect any part of the body, including the face, hands, and belly, but it is most usually observed in the feet, ankles, and legs. Because of gravity, body fluids tend to pool in the lower portions of the body. Edema can impact the entire body.

Edema patients can relieve pressure and stiffness in their lower limbs by lifting the foot side of an ICU bed above the level of their upper body. It can be challenging for patients to keep their legs upright in such a position by using pillows or other forms of support. As a result, ICU beds procured from the motorized ICU bed manufacturer in India can benefit patients suffering from edema.

Bedridden Patients

People who are bedridden can benefit significantly from an electric ICU bed since it allows them to control appropriate sleeping postures without the need for manual cranking. Additional support might be used to help patients sit up or lie down.

Bedsores are a common complaint among bedridden individuals. It can be substantially alleviated with electric beds, which aid in blood circulation while allowing for easy movement.

It is evident that remote-controlled adjustability has benefits beyond simply adding functions to a bed. They are helpful in a variety of conditions.

Patients Suffering from Arthritis

Joints of arthritis patients might become painful and inflamed. As previously mentioned, lifting legs can help to reduce swelling. Many electronic beds come with built-in or additional remote controls.

These remote controls may be used from a distance and help to reduce pain from strained muscles. For more guidance, contact the ICU bed manufacturer in India.

Patients having Chronic Pain

Electrically adjustable beds can also help patients sleep in an appropriate position for their sickness. When patients elevate their back or legs, they realign their vertebra and change the pressure on their muscles and nerves.

As a result, electrical beds can provide significant relief to patients suffering from chronic pain. For superior quality, procure these beds from the top hospital furniture manufacturer in India.

To sum up, electric ICU beds are much more than just ICU beds. They have many functionalities, such as a backrest, knee rest, height adjustment, and many more! Therefore, these are suitable not only for ICU patients but also for patients who cannot move and require these adjustments frequently.

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